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Do You Understand the Small Rotary Evaporator?

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The small rotary evaporator adopts a simple vertical cooler, which reduces the height of the vertical condenser tube and increases the cooling area. The lifting operation is very convenient. The lifting handle can move up and down smoothly, and the opening part can extend and slide up and down 30cm, which improves the recovery efficiency of the small rotary evaporator during use. The outstanding features of the small rotary evaporator are small size, small footprint, and easy operation. It is mainly used for teaching experiments in laboratories and universities.

Next, Jordan will introduce ZZKD's small rotary evaporator from the following aspects:

Models of small rotary evaporators:

ZZKD Mechanical Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. has been engaged in research and development, production, sales, laboratory, biochemical and pharmaceutical equipment for many years, and there are various types of small rotary evaporators. Here are some popular small rotary evaporators.

RE-201D and RE-501

RE-210D is a 1L small rotary evaporator, which can be raised and lowered manually. The seal adopts PTFE gasket and fluorine rubber, which has good sealing performance. The capacity of the evaporating flask is 2000ml, the capacity of the receiving flask is 1000ml, and the capacity of the water bath is 7.5L.

RE-501 is a 5L small rotary evaporator with a capacity of 3000ml in the evaporating flask, a capacity of 5000ml in the receiving bottle, a motor power of 40w, manual lifting, and a water bath with a capacity of 11.5L.


RE-5299 small rotary evaporator, the capacity of the evaporating bottle is 250ml-2000ml, the capacity of the receiving bottle is 250ml-1000ml, it adopts electric lifting mode, the voltage can be 220V or 110V, and the motor power is 30w.

RE-2000B and RE-2000E

There are three types of RE-2000 small rotary evaporators, namely RE-2000A, RE-2000B, and RE-2000E. Both the evaporating flask and the receiving flask have a capacity of 1000ml. RE-2000A and RE-2000B adopt digital display for temperature display, while RE-2000E adopts liquid crystal display. RE-2000A does not display the speed, RE-2000B uses digital display to display the speed, and RE-2000E uses liquid crystal to display the speed. Voltage can choose 110V and 220V.

ZZKD small rotary evaporators can be combined with circulating water vacuum pumps, diaphragm vacuum pumps, low-temperature coolant circulating pumps, etc. to form a system device.

Small rotary evaporator supporting equipment

The components of a small rotary evaporator:

1. Rotate the motor, and drive the evaporating flask containing the sample through the rotation of the motor.

2. The evaporating tube, the evaporating tube has two functions, firstly, it acts as a rotating support shaft for the sample, and secondly, the sample is sucked out by the vacuum system through the evaporating tube.

3. Vacuum system, used to reduce the air pressure of the rotary evaporator system.

4. Heat the pot, usually with water to heat the sample.

5. Condensation tube, use double serpentine condensation or other condensing agents such as dry ice, acetone to condense the sample.

6. Condensate the sample collection bottle, and the sample enters the collection bottle after cooling.

7. The lifting device can quickly lift the evaporating flask from the heating bath.


The small rotary evaporator is used in teaching experiments in the laboratory. It is composed of an electric heating device, an evaporating bottle, and a collecting bottle, and convex points are arranged on the outer surface of the evaporating bottle. During the experiment, when the evaporating bottle is placed on the table, it is not easy to roll and break, which reduces the experimental funds of the school.

Performance advantages and characteristics of small rotary evaporator:

1. AC induction motor stepless speed regulation, no brush, no spark, long life.

2. The system is well sealed, with high vacuum, high evaporation rate and high recovery rate.

3. The glass instrument is made of GG-17 material, which has good physical and chemical properties.

4. Advanced frequency conversion digital display speed regulation and reliable electronic speed regulation ensure the performance of electrical appliances.

5. The small rotary evaporator is controlled by a frequency converter, and the stepless speed regulator makes the glass rotary bottle rotate at a constant speed and heat evenly.

6. The evaporation speed is fast, and it can work automatically and continuously during the evaporation process.

7. ZZKD small rotary evaporator is especially suitable for the concentration, crystallization, separation and solvent recovery of heat-sensitive materials and materials that are corrosive to metal materials such as stainless steel.

8. ZZKD small rotary evaporator has a large contact area, high evaporation efficiency, convenient use, low noise, reliable sealing, can handle easily foaming materials, and has complete specifications. It has formed a variety of specifications for users with different needs to choose.

ZZKD small rotary evaporator is used in standard distillation, crystallization, product concentration, powder drying and separation of one or more solvents. With programmable vacuum and temperature, your experiment is fast and economical.

Small rotary evaporator Advantages

How to use a small rotary evaporator:

1. First connect the rubber hose with the condensate faucet, and use a vacuum pump to draw a vacuum.

2. Then pour water into the heating pot.

3. Adjust the host angle.

4. Turn on the condensed water, turn on the power, and connect the evaporating bottle with the host.

5. Turn on the temperature adjustment switch, set the temperature, and the heating tank will start automatic temperature control heating.

6. Turn on the speed control switch, the evaporating bottle starts to rotate, and when the temperature and vacuum reach the required range, the solvent can be evaporated to the receiving bottle. (If the evaporation temperature is too high, a low-temperature coolant circulation pump is required)

RE-2000B small rotary evaporator

After introducing how to use the small rotary evaporator, what should be paid attention to when using it?

1. Glass parts should be handled with care when they are installed. Before installation, they should be cleaned, wiped or dried.

2. Each grinding port, sealing surface, sealing ring and joints need to be coated with a layer of vacuum grease before installation.

3. Water must be added before the heating tank is powered on, dry heating without water is not allowed.

4. If the vacuum cannot be pumped up, check whether the joints and interfaces are sealed; whether the sealing ring and sealing surface are effective; whether the vacuum grease between the main pump and the sealing ring is well coated; whether the vacuum pump and its leather tube are leaking; whether there are cracks in the glass parts , Broken, damaged phenomenon.

I believe that under the introduction of Jordan, everyone will be able to use the small rotary evaporator safely and without error.

Common problems and solutions of small rotary evaporator:

The small rotary evaporator is a kind of equipment widely used in the laboratory at present. Due to the improper use environment and method, you may encounter some routine problems when using the small rotary evaporator. Below, Jordan will sort out some common problems for you. Faults and solutions are for your reference.

1. If the motor of the rotary evaporator does not rotate, check whether the power supply is powered on; update the fuse and confirm that the power supply is normal.

2. If the water bath is not heated, you need to check the power supply, then check whether the heating ring is burned out, and then check the solid state relay and control table to confirm whether the probe is damaged or falls off.

3. If the water bath is warmed up, it is also necessary to check whether the probe has fallen off or is damaged, and then confirm whether there is a problem with the smart watch.

4. If the vacuum cannot be pumped up by the rotary steamer, please empty the solvent in the bottle, try it with an empty bottle, and then check whether the supporting circulating water pump needs to be changed for oil and water, and then check whether the vacuum tube is broken step by step, and then remove all glass accessories , Clean all the link grinding ports and then apply vacuum grease. According to the original steps, align and tighten the flange ports and install them all.

The above content is Jordan's introduction to the detailed information of the ZZKD small rotary evaporator. I hope to give you some suggestions when choosing a small rotary evaporator. Of course, you can contact us if you have any questions or technical support.

ZZKD Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturer specializing in R&D, production, sales, laboratory, biochemical and pharmaceutical equipment, especially small rotary evaporators, glass reactors, vacuum pumps, etc. 13 years of production and export experience and a series of ISO9001 and CE certificates, with warehouses in the United States, Spain and Thailand.

If you want to know about our products, or want to buy our equipment, please feel free to contact us, ZZKD will provide you with the most favorable price of small rotary evaporator.


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