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Laboratory Rotary Evaporator

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The laboratory rotary evaporator is electronically controlled so that the distillation flask rotates at a steady and constant speed while being placed in a water bath for constant temperature heating. The solution in the flask was heated and diffused under reduced pressure. The laboratory rotary evaporator is a widely used laboratory instrument that can separate and purify reaction products, especially for the concentration of the extract and the distillation of the receiving liquid during chromatographic separation. Today, Jordan will take you to understand the price, characteristics and usage of the laboratory rotary evaporator.

RE-201D Laboratory Rotary Evaporator

The basic principle of the laboratory rotary evaporator is that in the state of reduced pressure, when the solvent is distilled, the distillation bottle rotates continuously, so that the material is rotated at a constant speed on the inner wall of the distillation bottle to improve the evaporation efficiency. It adopts water bath constant temperature heating, uses a motor to drive the distillation bottle to rotate, the distillation bottle rotates at a constant speed, recovers and evaporates organic solvents, and is used in pharmaceutical, chemical, biopharmaceutical and other industries.

Laboratory rotary evaporator price:

ZZKD produces various types of laboratory rotary evaporators, and the prices of different models are different. If you need to know the price of other large laboratory rotary evaporators, you can send us an email, and we will reply you as soon as possible.


Evaporating Flask Capacity (ml)




$580 - $620



$520 - $620



$560 - $3,700



$740 - $800



$760 - $950

Laboratory Rotary Evaporator Model

Laboratory rotary evaporator features:

The laboratory rotary evaporator uses a rotary evaporation bottle to increase the evaporation area and places it in a water bath under reduced pressure, while rotating and heating to make the solution in the bottle diffuse and evaporate.

1. Large-screen LCD display, menu interface, knob switch, easy and convenient operation.

2. The seal is made of PTFE material + special process mold synthesis.

3. The DC motor power of the laboratory rotary evaporator is 30W-40W, which ensures the stable start of the instrument.

4. The laboratory rotary evaporator is equipped with a protective cover, heat preservation and energy saving, and has splash-proof and explosion-proof functions.

5. The water bath pot of the laboratory rotary evaporator is a disposable Teflon composite pot. The heating pan is equipped with a safety handle. The casing is insulated to prevent burns. The capacity is moderate and the temperature rises quickly.

Laboratory Rotary Evaporator Feature

How to use the laboratory rotary evaporator (RE-201D):

After understanding the price and characteristics of the laboratory rotary evaporator, Jordan will introduce to you the operation method of the laboratory rotary evaporator, so as to provide some convenience for everyone in the future use and avoid improper operation. Taking the RE-201D laboratory rotary evaporator as an example, I will introduce the operation method of the laboratory rotary evaporator.

(1) Preparation

Assemble the laboratory rotary evaporator, and connect the cryopump and vacuum pump.

Laboratory Rotary Evaporator Supporting Equipment

1. Turn on the cryopump.

2. Turn on the vacuum pump and start vacuuming.

(2) Feeding

3. Open the feeding valve, the sample will be directly pumped into the rotary bottle, and close the feeding valve after the feeding is completed. It is recommended to add no more than one-half of the spinner bottle each time.

(3) Operating the heating bath

4. Adjust the height of the heating bath so that the spinner bottle is placed in the water bath.

5. Pour pure water into the bath without overflowing.

6. Switch on the heating bath and set the temperature.

(4) Operation rotation

7. Turn on the power to the rotating motor and adjust the speed.

(5) Shutdown

8. Stop the heating bath and turn off the rotary switch.

9. Open the switch of the feed inlet to release the internal vacuum.

10. Turn off the vacuum pump and cryopump.

11. Lower the height of the heating bath so that the spinner bottle is away from the heating bath. (After turning off the heating, the water bath or spinner bottle will not cool down immediately, it is still at high temperature, be careful of burns!)

12. After the water bath and the spinner bottle are cooled, remove the bath, take the spinner bottle, unscrew the flange that fixes the spinner bottle, remove the spinner bottle, and disconnect the power supply.

Laboratory Rotary Evaporator Detail

The above content is the detailed situation of the laboratory rotary evaporator introduced by Jordan. I hope you can provide some help when you encounter problems when choosing to purchase a laboratory-scale spray dryer after reading it.

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