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Vacuum Drying Oven with Pump

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The vacuum drying oven with pump is designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposed and easily oxidized substances. It can be filled with inert gas inside, especially some complex-component items can also be dried quickly. Widely used in biochemistry, chemical and pharmaceutical, medical and health, agricultural scientific research, environmental protection and other research and application fields.

DZF-6020 Vacuum Drying Oven with Pump

So, what are the advantages of dzf-6050 vacuum drying oven with pump compared with conventional drying technology? Today, Jordan will show you how the vacuum drying oven with a pump is better than the conventional drying technology?

1. The vacuum environment greatly reduces the boiling point of the evaporated liquid, so the vacuum drying oven with pump can be easily used for heat-sensitive substances.

2. For samples that are not easy to dry, such as powder or other granular samples, using a vacuum drying oven with a pump can effectively shorten the drying time and improve efficiency.

3. Various mechanical parts with complex structures or other porous samples are cleaned and dried in a vacuum drying oven with a pump, which can be dried without leaving any participating substances.

4. It is safer to use. Under vacuum or inert conditions, the possibility of thermal explosion of oxides can be eliminated.

5. Compared with ordinary drying ovens that rely on air circulation, powdery samples will not be blown or moved by flowing air, which is more convenient.

Vacuum Drying Oven with Pump Feathers

Features of vacuum drying oven with pump:

1. The heating element is located on the inner partition of the box, which shortens the heating time by 50% compared with the traditional vacuum drying box with pump.

2. Large-screen LCD display, menu-style operation interface, easy to understand and easy to operate.

3. Stamped by special technology, high temperature non-oxidation, fast heat conduction. Can minimize heat loss.

4. The cuboid studio maximizes the effective volume, and the microcomputer temperature controller ensures accurate and reliable temperature control.

5. Toughened, double-layer glass door is convenient for observing objects in the working room, and can be filled with inert gas inside.

6. The tightness of the box door can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the silicon rubber door seal ring ensures high vacuum in the box.

7. The studio is made of stainless steel plate, the quality is guaranteed.

8. Storage, heating, testing and drying are carried out in an environment without oxygen or filled with inert gas, which will not cause oxidation.

The vacuum drying oven with pump is equipped with a rotary vane vacuum pump:

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

The rotary vane vacuum pump is the supporting equipment of the vacuum drying box, which can quickly evacuate the vacuum drying box with a pump. A coarse filter with wire mesh is installed at the suction port of the rotary vane vacuum pump. It can prevent solid foreign dust particles from being sucked into the pump chamber. An exhaust transition device with high-efficiency oil-gas separation effect is installed in the oil separator. When the pump is stopped, the suction valve built in the suction port isolates the pump from the pumped system and prevents the pump oil from returning to the pumped system. The pump is cooled by air. All pumps are driven by direct-coupled electric motors via elastic couplings. It can quickly evacuate the vacuum drying box with pump.

1. Small size, light weight, low noise.

2. Equipped with a gas ballast valve, which can remove a small amount of water vapor.

3. High ultimate vacuum.

4. Forced oil intake, sufficient lubrication and reliable performance.

KEDA has been focusing on R&D and production of rotary vane vacuum pumps for many years. There are currently six models of rotary vane vacuum pumps on sale: 2XZ-8B, 2XZ-15B, 2XZ-0.5, 2XZ-1, 2XZ-2, 2XZ-4.

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Parameter

Working principle of vacuum drying oven with pump:

The vacuum drying oven with pump is a drying device, and the inside of the oven is divided into several layers by a heating plate. Put hot water or low-pressure steam into the heating plate as the heating medium, place the tray covered with the medicine to be dried on the heating plate, close the door, and vacuum the inside of the box with a vacuum pump. The heating plate heats the medicine in the circulating flow of the heating medium, and the water starts to evaporate and is gradually sucked away with the vacuum. 

What are the advantages of vacuum drying oven with pump?

The vacuum drying oven with pump is easy to operate:

1. First put the items to be dried into the vacuum drying box with a pump, close the box door, close the air release valve, open the vacuum valve, and turn on the vacuum pump to start pumping. When the vacuum degree in the box reaches -0.1MPa, close the vacuum valve, and then turn off the power supply of the vacuum pump.

2. Turn on the power switch of the vacuum drying box with pump, select the desired set temperature, and the temperature inside the box will start to rise. When the temperature in the box is close to the set temperature, the heating indicator light will turn on and off repeatedly, and it will enter the constant temperature state within 120 minutes.

3. When the required working temperature is low, the second setting method can be adopted. For example, if the required temperature is 60°C, the first time can be set to 50°C. After the temperature overshoot starts to fall back, set the second time to 60°C. ℃. This can reduce or even eliminate the temperature overshoot phenomenon, and enter the constant temperature state as soon as possible.

4. Choose different drying time according to the degree of humidity of different items. If the drying time is longer and the vacuum degree drops, you need to pump air again to restore the vacuum degree. You should first turn on the power of the vacuum pump, and then open the vacuum valve.

5. After drying, turn off the power of the drying box, open the air release valve, release the vacuum inside the box, and then open the box door to take out the items.

Vacuum Drying Oven with Pump Structures

The use conditions of vacuum drying oven with pump are simple:

1. Ambient temperature: 5°C~40°C (average temperature within 24 hours ≤40°C).

2. The shell must be grounded to ensure safe use.

3. It should be used in an environment where the relative humidity is less than 85%, and there is no corrosive gas around, no strong vibration source and strong electromagnetic field.

4. There is no explosion-proof and anti-corrosion treatment in the vacuum box operation room, and items that are flammable, explosive, and corrosive gases are not allowed to be dried.

The above content is the advantage of vacuum drying oven with pump over conventional drying. I hope you can provide some help when choosing to buy vacuum drying oven with pump after reading it.

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