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Mini Rotary Evaporator

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RE-201D rotary evaporator is a small mini rotary evaporator specially produced by Zhengzhou Keda. Put the mini rotary evaporator in the bath, heat while rotating, and use a decompression device to evaporate the solvent efficiently. It can be used in small tests in the fields of biology, medicine, chemical industry, food and so on. Today Jordan will show you this mini rotary evaporator.

RE-201D Mini Rotary Evaporator

The mini rotary evaporator is mainly used for continuous distillation of large amounts of volatile solvents under reduced pressure. Especially for the concentration of the extract and the distillation of the receiving liquid during chromatographic separation, the reaction product can be separated and purified. The structure of the mini rotary evaporator is fine and tight, so the measuring personnel must take good care of the instrument, use it correctly and maintain it regularly.

The mini rotary evaporator has bumps on the outer surface of the evaporating bottle. During the experiment, when the evaporating bottle is placed on the table, it is not easy to roll or break.

The main components of the mini rotary evaporator:

Rotary motor: The evaporating flask containing the sample is driven by the rotation of the motor.

Evaporation tube: The evaporation tube has two functions, it acts as a rotating support shaft for the sample, and secondly through the evaporation tube, the vacuum system sucks the sample out.

Vacuum system: used to reduce the air pressure of the rotary evaporator system.

Fluid heating pot: Typically, the sample is heated with water.

Condensation tube: Use double serpentine condensation or other condensing agents such as dry ice and acetone to condense the sample.

Condensed sample collection bottle: The sample enters the collection bottle after cooling.

Mechanical or Motorized Mechanism: Used to quickly lift the evaporating flask in the heating pot.

Mini Rotary Evaporator Structures

The vacuum system of the mini rotary evaporator can be a simple water suction pump immersed in a cold water bath, or a mechanical vacuum pump with cooling tubes. Evaporating and condensing glass assemblies can be simple or complex, depending on the goals of the distillation, and the properties of the solvent to be distilled. Different commercial equipment will include some basic features, and modern equipment usually has added functions such as digital control of vacuum pumps, digital display of heating temperature and even steam temperature.

Advantages of the Mini Rotary Evaporator:

1. All mini rotary evaporators have a built-in lift motor, which can automatically lift the flask to a position above the heating pot when the power is cut off.

2. Due to the centripetal force and friction between the liquid sample and the evaporating bottle, the liquid sample forms a liquid film on the inner surface of the evaporating bottle, and the heating area is large.

3. The force generated by the rotation of the sample effectively suppresses the boiling of the sample. These features, combined with their convenience, make the modern mini rotary evaporator suitable for fast and gentle distillation of most samples, even by inexperienced operators.

Mini Rotary Evaporator Feature

Common problems of mini rotary evaporator:

1. After the instrument is powered on, the power indicator light is off.

If the power cord is not connected or wrongly connected, just connect the power cord; if the power switch or circuit board fails, stop using it immediately and contact the manufacturer or professional maintenance personnel.

2. The motor does not turn.

If the indicator light of the electric control box is on, check whether the internal and external plugs in the electric box are loose or disconnected, reinsert the plug and connect the disconnected wire; if the indicator light or digital display of the electric control box is not on, replace the fuse or confirm The power supply is normal.

3. There is noise or noise in the mini rotary evaporator.

It may be that the sealing ring is worn, just replace it with a new one; it may also be that the internal gear is worn, the driving part is short of oil, or the motor is faulty. In this case, stop using it immediately and contact the manufacturer or maintenance technician.

4. The pressure leaks and the vacuum degree is not good.

It may be that the glass rotating shaft is worn, the sealing ring is worn, the sealing ring is not installed properly, the sealing gasket of the decompression valve is aging, the vacuum hose is aging, and the defective parts can be replaced.

5. The motor heats up.

Reduce the stirring blade; lighten the load. Exhaust the abnormal resistance of the mechanical part; do maintenance on the sealing and lubrication part.

6. The vacuum cannot be pumped.

The capacity of the vacuum pump is reduced, and the vacuum pump is faulty; the vacuum hose and joints are loose, and the vacuum gauge leaks; there are sundries in the discharge valve and the pressure control valve; the glass is broken. Just update the problematic part.

Mini Rotary Evaporator Detail

In fact, some of the above problems are caused by failure to regularly maintain the mini rotary evaporator. Next, Jordan will tell you how to maintain the mini rotary evaporator.

Maintenance method of mini rotary evaporator:

1. Check the rotary evaporator carefully on a regular basis, whether the glass bottle is damaged, whether the interfaces are consistent, and handle with care.

The connectors should not be screwed too tightly, and should be loosened regularly to avoid the connectors being seized by long-term locking.

The PTFE switches everywhere should not be over-tightened, as it is easy to damage the glass.

4. Wipe each interface with a soft cloth, and then apply a little vacuum grease. Vacuum grease must be covered after use to prevent lime sand from entering.

5. After each use of the mini rotary evaporator, use a soft cloth to wipe off all kinds of oil stains and stains left on the surface of the machine and keep it clean.

The details of the Zhengzhou Keda Mini Rotary Evaporator above, I hope you can provide some help when you choose to buy a Mini Rotary Evaporator and encounter problems when using the Mini Rotary Evaporator after reading it.

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