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Drying Equipment in Food and Pharmaceutical Industry

ZZKD is a professional machinery manufacturer, we produce and sell drying equipment for food industry and drying equipment for pharmaceutical industry: spray drying equipment, freeze drying equipment, industrial drying equipment.

Spray drying equipment: high-speed centrifugal spray dryer, used for the production and processing of milk powder, coffee powder, etc.

Freeze-drying equipment: household food freeze-drying machine, used for freeze-drying of fruits, vegetables and other foods.

Industrial drying equipment: vacuum drying oven and hot air drying oven, used for drying heat-sensitive materials and vegetables and fruits.

Drying equipment is the operation process of using heat energy to vaporize the moisture in the wet material, and the water vapor or steam is taken away by the air flow or pumped out by a vacuum pump to obtain a solid product. Since natural drying is far from meeting the needs of production development, various mechanized dryers are more and more widely used. At present, our company's drying equipment includes: vacuum drying oven, blast drying oven, hot air drying oven, spray dryer and small freeze dryer machine. Below we introduce these products.

Vacuum Drying Oven

When the vacuum drying oven is in use, place the material tray covered with the medicine to be dried on the heating plate, close the door of the vacuum drying oven, and use a vacuum pump to evacuate the inside of the oven. The heating plate heats the medicine to the specified temperature in the circulating flow of the heating medium, and the water starts to evaporate and is gradually sucked away with the vacuum.

Vacuum Drying Oven

The principle of vacuum drying oven:

The inside of the vacuum drying oven is divided into several layers by a heating plate. Put hot water or low-pressure steam into the heating plate as the heating medium, place the tray covered with the medicine to be dried on the heating plate, close the door, and vacuum the inside of the box with a vacuum pump. The heating plate heats the medicine to the specified temperature in the circulating flow of the heating medium, and the water starts to evaporate and is gradually sucked away with the vacuum. This equipment is easy to control, and can condense and recover the evaporated solvent. During the drying process, the medicine is not easy to be polluted. It can be used in medicine drying, packaging material sterilization and heat treatment.

Model of Vacuum Drying Oven:

There are six models of vacuum drying oven: DZF-6010 vacuum drying oven, DZF-6020 vacuum drying oven, DZF-6050 vacuum drying oven, DZF-6090 vacuum drying oven, DZF-6210 vacuum drying oven, DZF-6500 vacuum drying oven. The capacity of the vacuum drying oven is 5L, 25L, 55L, 90L, 215L and 430L.

Advantages of Vacuum Drying Oven:

The price of vacuum drying box is cheaper than that of small freeze dryer machine. And compared with the small freeze dryer machine, the vacuum drying oven has the following advantages:

Better design: streamlined and arc-shaped design, the shell is made of cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed;

More intelligent: the temperature control system adopts microcomputer single-chip microcomputer technology, temperature control, timing, and over-temperature alarm;

Easier to clean: the inner tank is made of stainless steel; the semicircular corners are easy to clean;

Good sealing performance: the integrally formed silicone rubber door seal of the cabinet door ensures high vacuum in the cabinet;

Vacuum drying ovens and small freeze dryer machines are widely used in biochemistry, chemical and pharmaceutical, medical and health, agricultural research, environmental protection and other research and application fields, and are only used for powder drying, baking, and disinfection and sterilization of various glass containers; but small freeze dryer machines have long been used in the home for freeze-drying fruit and vegetables, and have received a lot of acclaim.

Vacuum Drying Oven Advantages

Blast Drying Oven

Under the action of the fan, the blast drying box blows out hot air, which can quickly take away the volatile substance molecules volatilized from the surface of the material through air exchange, so as to achieve the effect of rapid drying of the material.

Blast Drying Oven

Working Principle of Blast Drying Oven:

The drying process consumes a lot of heat energy. In order to save energy, some materials with high moisture content, suspensions or solutions containing solid substances are generally dehydrated mechanically or evaporated by heating, and then dried in a dryer to obtain dry solids. During the drying process, it is necessary to complete the transfer of heat and mass (moisture) at the same time, to ensure that the partial pressure (concentration) of the moisture vapor on the surface of the material is higher than that in the external space, and to ensure that the temperature of the heat source is higher than that of the material.

The heat is transferred from the high-temperature heat source to the wet material in various ways, so that the moisture on the surface of the material is vaporized and dissipated to the external space, so that there is a difference in the moisture content between the surface and the inside of the material. The internal moisture diffuses to the surface and vaporizes, so that the moisture content of the material is continuously reduced, and the overall drying of the material is gradually completed.

Model of Blast Drying Oven:

At present, we produce fourteen types of blast drying ovens, namely: DHG-9030A, DHG-9070A, DHG-9140A, DHG-9240A, DHG-9420A, DHG-9620A vertical, DHG-9920A vertical, DHG-9035A, DHG-9055A, DHG-9075A, DHG-9145A, DHG-9245A, DHG-9425A vertical, DHG-9625A vertical.

Blast Drying Oven Model

Advantages of Blast Drying Oven:

The shell is made of cold-rolled steel plate;

The inner tank is made of stainless steel plate or cold-rolled steel plate after anti-corrosion treatment and processing;

The door of the box is inlaid with rubber strips, which has good sealing performance;

Blast drying oven is widely used in electromechanical, chemical, plastic, light industry and other industries and scientific research units for baking, drying, curing, heat treatment and other convenient heating of various products and test pieces.

Blast Drying Oven Advantages

Spray Drying Machine

The spray drying box heats the material in a hot air environment to evaporate the water vapor of the material, separates it from the material and discharges it, so as to remove the moisture in the material and obtain a dry product.

Spray Dryer Machine

The Principle of Spray Dryer Machine:

The air is heated by the heater and enters the drying chamber. At the same time, the material liquid is atomized by the atomizer into micron/nano-scale droplets. When the droplets contact with the hot air, they are quickly gasified and dried into powder or granular products. Dry powder or granules The product flows into the cyclone separator with the air for separation, falls into the recovery bottle, and finally the exhaust gas is discharged.

Model of Spray Dryer Machine:

Spray dryers are divided into small spray dryers and centrifugal spray dryers, both of which are produced by our company. The models of our spray dryers are SD-2L, LPG-5L, LPG-10L, LPG-25L, LPG -50L, LPG-100L, LPG-150L, LPG-200-2000L.

Spray Dryer Machine Model

Advantages of Spray Dryer Machine:

Advantages of spray drying oven compared to other drying methods:

There is very little oxygen, easily oxidized substances are protected, and some bacteria lose their vitality due to lack of oxygen;

The spray-dried material is not easy to oxidize and deteriorate;

The heat-sensitive ingredients that are easy to display in the material will not be denatured or lose their vitality;

·Materials can form atomized small molecules, keep their original shape after drying, will not shrink, and have a loose and porous sponge structure inside.

·Good rehydration property, the spray-dried product can quickly absorb water and recover, and its luster and quality are basically the same as fresh products.

The spray dryer is mainly used in scientific research, chemical, pharmaceutical, biological, food and other laboratories of colleges and universities. It can be used in the drying of chemical industry, plastic resin, food industry, food and plants, sugar and ceramic materials.

Small Freeze Dryer Machine

The drying technology used by the small freeze dryer machineis a material drying process at low temperature, which is to freeze the water-containing material into an ice-solid state in a closed container. Then vacuumize the container to reach a certain degree of vacuum, and then heat the water-containing substance directly from the solid to gaseous sublimation by heating to remove moisture, and the substance is stored dry, so that the product can maintain its original state for a long time, and it is easy to dissolve.

Small Freeze Dryer

The Working Principle of the Small Freeze Dryer Machine:

The basic principle of the domestic small freeze dryer machineis based on the three states of water. Water has solid, liquid and gaseous states, and the three states can be transformed into each other and can coexist. Freeze the dried items to below 0°C, and use the principle of sublimation in a vacuum state to make the moisture in the pre-frozen materials directly sublimate into water vapor in an ice state and be removed without melting the ice, so as to achieve freezing drying purpose.

Small Freeze Dryer Machine Model:

Small freeze dryer machines mainly include: FD-01, FD-03, FD-04, FD-06, FD-10, FD-50, FD-100. At present, our company mainly produces household small freeze dryer machines, and the capacity of small freeze dryer machines is average. They are all relatively small, mostly 1L, 1.5L, and 2L.

Small Freeze Dryer Model

The Difference Between Vacuum Drying Oven and Small Freeze Dryer Machine:

The vacuum drying oven evaporates and separates water from the dried material in liquid form. Taking animals, plants or slurry as an example, these materials are mostly in the form of soft bodies. As the internal moisture migrates outwards and evaporates, the solids will be filled. The gaps left by water molecules or close to each other, resulting in collapse and agglomeration, the volume of the remaining solid shrinks and hardens, and part of the solutes carried by the water molecules remain on the surface of the dry matter during the outward migration process. Wrinkles and hard shells, ordinary dry products are generally difficult to reduce or insoluble in water. In drying practice, ordinary dry matter such as various animals, plants, and various powders will encounter problems such as difficulty in rehydration and reduction, difficulty in dissolving in water, etc., and even agglomeration after long-term soaking, which is inconvenient to use, and the drying process is easily polluted . The freeze-drying method does not have these problems. The characteristics of freeze-dried products that meet water and recover or dissolve immediately cannot be achieved by ordinary drying methods. Its crisp texture also makes many vegetables and fruits and even Chinese medicinal materials taste much better. , especially the drying process is completely isolated from the outside world, safe and pollution-free.

Advantages of Small Freeze Dryer Machine:

Therefore, compared with vacuum drying, small freeze dryer machinehas the following advantages:

·It is easy to recover by adding water. The freeze-dried solid material presents a porous structure due to the sublimation of tiny ice crystals, and maintains the original volume when frozen, so it is very easy to dissolve and recover after adding water. Compared with vacuum drying ovens, freeze-drying technology has incomparable advantages in maintaining the original physical properties and flavor of products.

·Protect the activity of heat-sensitive substances, and keep the nutritional value intact. Freeze-drying is carried out at low temperature as a whole, and the low temperature state is still maintained during the sublimation process, so the activity of the substance can be greatly protected.

·Prevent oxidation, no additives, super long freshness. The freeze-drying process is carried out in a low-temperature vacuum environment, and microorganisms are not easy to survive, so there is no need for any food additives to enhance the color and taste, and the shelf life is longer.

small freeze dryer machinetechnology is used in pharmaceutical fields such as biological products, chemical pharmaceutical products, blood products, probiotics, Chinese herbal medicines, heat-sensitive drugs, antibiotic oral freeze-dried tablets, food, health care products and special engineering materials.

Small Freeze Dryer Advantages

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