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All products can be customized, and we can also provide reasonable suggestions and solutions according to your requirment.

Chemical Reactor Equipment IcoChemical Reactor Equipment

Our reactor equipment includes two kinds of materials: glass and stainless steel. Glass materials include: glass reactor, crystallization reactor, stainless steel materials include: High pressure reactor, hydrothermal synthesis reactor, stainless steel reactor.


Drying Equipment in Food and Pharmaceutical Industry IcoDrying Equipment in Food and Pharmaceutical Industry

ZZKD Machinery provides many kinds of drying equipment,such as spray dryer machine,freeze dryer machine,vacuum drying oven,blast drying oven,hot air circulating drying oven, etc. and provides its corresponding supporting devices.


Laboratory Vacuum Pump IcoLaboratory Vacuum Pump MORE  >

Our vacuum pumps are supporting devices for extraction equipment, including:circulating water vacuum pump,diaphragm vacuum pump,rotary vane vacuum pump.

Solid Liquid Separation Equipment IcoSolid Liquid Separation Equipment

ZZKD Machinery has 3 type solid liquid separation equipment:stainless steel centrifuge,decanter centrifuge,Lenticular Filter.


Solid Liquid Separation Equipment

Other Equipment IcoOther Equipment MORE  >

In addition to laboratory equipment, we also manufacture and supply other chemical and medical equipment.