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Solid Liquid Separation Equipment

A centrifuge is a common solid-liquid separation equipment, which is also a product in the CBD oil production line, and is used to separate the solid particles in the suspension from the liquid.

A stainless steel centrifuge is a device that separates solid particles from the liquid phase in a suspension. It is mainly used for chemical reaction and material separation, heating and cooling, liquid extraction, gas absorption and other chemical and physical changes in the industrial production process of chemical industry, pharmaceutical, petroleum, dyestuff, biochemical, food and so on.

Solid-liquid separation can be divided into two categories: one is sedimentation separation, and the other is filtration separation. Sedimentation separation is a process in which particles move relative to fluid (stationary or moving); filtration separation is a process in which fluid moves relative to a bed of solid particles to achieve solid-liquid separation. Commonly used separation equipment includes: stainless steel centrifuge, pancake filter, etc.

Bottom Discharge Centrifuge

Working Principle of Bottom Discharge Centrifuge:

During the centrifugal filtration process, under the action of the driving force, the fluid in the suspension (or dust-containing gas) on one side flows to the other side through the pores of the porous medium. During the centrifugal settling process, under the action of centrifugal force, the suspension added to the drum forms an annular liquid layer, in which solid particles settle on the drum wall to form deposits, and the clarified liquid is discharged through the overflow or skimming pipe.

Bottom Discharge Centrifuge

Application of Bottom Discharge Centrifuge:

Widely used in biomedicine, experimental research, petrochemical, agriculture, food hygiene and other fields. It is mainly used to separate solid particles and liquids in suspension, or to separate two incompatible liquids with different densities in emulsion.

Features of Bottom Discharge Centrifuge:

1. Adopt frequency conversion control, stable start, adjustable separation.

2. The material particles are not easily broken.

3. The base and the casing are integrally welded, with high bearing strength.

4. The machine wall is a plane structure, which not only lowers the center of gravity of the machine and makes the stainless steel centrifuge run more smoothly, but also the plane base can be used as an operating platform. The operation is more convenient.

5. Closed structure, the seal is made of silicone rubber or fluororubber, which can meet the sealing and explosion-proof requirements, and is suitable for toxic, flammable and explosive occasions

Lenticular Filter Housing

Working Principle of Lenticular Filter Housing:

The cake filter is a new type of deep filter, which can be used to replace the diatomite filter to filter, clarify and purify tiny impurities in various liquids. At the beginning of filtration, some small particles can enter or even pass through the small pores of the medium, but soon the bridging effect of the particles reduces the pore size of the medium to form an effective barrier. After filtration, the particles trapped on the surface of the medium form a filter residue layer called filter cake, and the purified filtrate passes through the filter cake layer.

Lenticular Filter Housing

Applicationof Lenticular Filter Housing:

It is widely used in the microorganism and solid filtration of wine, syrup and beer in food and beverage; the separation of blood products and cell separation in biopharmaceuticals; the column protection enzyme, surfactant and catalyst retention in chemical products.

Application of Lenticular Filter Housing

Lenticular Filter Housing Features:

1. It is easy to clean, and the water inlet and outlet can be equipped with a special drain valve, which is convenient for drainage.

2. The filter element is easy to replace and reduces filter leakage.

3. The stainless steel pressure gauge can display the pressure value in the tank in real time.

4. The product is made of stainless steel, which is high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant and durable.

5. The large cake filter is equipped with 4 filter cakes as standard, which can meet the filtering requirements of large flow.

6. Bottom-in and bottom-out structure design is adopted to effectively avoid turbulent flow of materials and liquids and improve filtration performance.

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