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Chemical Reactor Equipment

Reactor equipment is used to complete the physical and chemical reactions of the medium, such as reactors, reactors, decomposition pots, decomposition towers, polymerization kettles, autoclaves, synthesis towers, shift furnaces, cooking pots, steaming balls, autoclaves Wait. Reaction equipment is commonly used in chemical production processes, as well as in many other processes for the production of chemical products and their intermediates.

Due to the different process conditions and reaction medium, the material and structure of the reactor equipment are also different, but its basic composition is the same. Reactor equipment generally includes transmission, (motor, reducer) kettle body (top cover, simplified body, bottom) process connection, etc. In order to strengthen the reaction process, the equipment structure is usually equipped with necessary heat exchange and stirring devices. Its material is generally stainless steel or glass.

When selecting reactor equipment, it can be selected according to the operating pressure, operating temperature, medium form, production capacity, process parameters, material, volume and stirring power of the equipment. Reactor equipment can generally be divided into: glass reactor, high pressure reactor, crystallization reactor, stainless steel reactor, microwave chemical reactor, hydrothermal synthesis reactor, etc. The main application is to extract CBD oil and essential oil, etc.

Glass Reactor

Glass reactors are mainly divided into two categories: single-layer glass reactors and double-layer glass reactors.

Principle of Glass Reactor:

The single-layer glass reactor is a fully closed system as a whole, which uses a circulating water vacuum pump to generate negative pressure to suck in various liquids and gases, and conduct various biochemical and synthetic reactions under constant temperature conditions. The double-layer glass reactor is stirred and reacted under normal pressure or negative pressure, and the interlayer can introduce refrigerant, water and high-temperature liquid to heat up or cool the material.

Application of Glass Reactor:

Glass reactor is a commonly used biochemical instrument, which is widely used in modern fine chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, scientific research experiments and other industries. It can do various concentration, distillation, retention, separation, Purification reaction is an ideal instrument for teaching and production.

ZZKD Glass Reactor Model:

ZZKDhas been focusing on the research and development and production of glass reactors for many years. After several upgrades, the models and types of glass reactors are increasing, and the functions are becoming more and more perfect. At present, our glass reactors are divided into the following types:

Single-layer glass reactor: F-1L, F-10L, F-20L, F-50L, F-80L, F-100L.

Double-layer S series glass reactors: S-1L, S-2L, S-3L, S-5L, S-10L, S-20L, S-30L, S-50L, S-100L.

  • 10L Single Layer Glass Reactor

    10L Single Layer Glass Reactor

  • S-10L (10L Jacketed Glass Reactor)

    S-10L (10L Jacketed Glass Reactor)

ZZKD Glass Reactor Features:

1. Frequency conversion speed regulation, geared motor, constant speed, no brush, no spark, safe and reliable, and can work continuously.

2. All glass is made of GG173.3 high borosilicate glass, which has excellent chemical and physical properties.

3. The overall stainless steel column type mobile frame structure, six reactor lids. Large mouth design, easy to clean, the standard mouth can be equipped with distillation and synthesis devices such as reflux, liquid addition, and temperature measurement.

4. The stainless steel-coated polytetrafluoroethylene stirring paddle in the double-layer glass reactor is suitable for mixing liquids with low viscosity.

5. The flange of the lower discharge port and the PTFE valve, inside the container, the lower discharge material can be disassembled, which is convenient for safe and fast discharge of solid materials.

6. Alloy steel mechanical seal, PTFE connection port, maintain high-precision sealing during work.

7. Pt100 sensor probe, high temperature measurement accuracy and small error.

High pressure reactor

High Pressure Reactor Principle:

High-pressure reactor is a typical innovation of magnetic transmission device applied to reaction equipment. It fundamentally solves the problem of shaft seal leakage that cannot be overcome by packing seals and mechanical seals before, without any leakage and pollution. The most ideal device for reaction, especially for chemical reactions with flammable, explosive and toxic media, shows its superiority even more.

High Pressure Reactor Application:

It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, organic synthesis, polymer material polymerization, food and other processes for vulcanization, fluorination, oxidation and other reactions. It is an ideal non-leakage reactor equipment.

ZZKD High Pressure Reactor Model:

ZZKDhas been focusing on R&D and production of high-pressure reactors for many years. After several upgrades, the models and types of high-pressure reactors have become more and more perfect, and their functions have become more and more perfect. At present, our high-pressure reactors are divided into the following types: FCF series high-pressure reactors, CJF series high-pressure stirred autoclaves and simple high-pressure reactors.

  • CF Lab Scale High Pressure Reactor

    CF Lab Scale High Pressure Reactor

  • CJF Lab Scale High Pressure Reactor

    CJF Lab Scale High Pressure Reactor

ZZKD Glass Reactor Features:

1. The connection structure adopts a bolt structure or a quick-opening clasp connection. At the same time, the lid of the kettle can be lifted, and the kettle body can be dumped or discharged.

2. It adopts a strong magnetic cylindrical rotary coupling structure, the stirring speed is 0-1000r/min, and the stirring capacity can be adjusted according to the needs of users.

3. The reaction kettle is equipped with a safety valve. The safety valve adopts a bursting diaphragm, which has a small error in the bursting value, fast instantaneous exhaust speed, and is safe and reliable. Each valve of the reaction kettle adopts a needle valve, reciprocating and closing, and the seal is reliable and durable.

4. Adopt electric heating method. Electric heating type, liquid heating type, electric and liquid dual-purpose heating type can also be provided according to customer needs.

5. Equipped with relevant intelligent controller, the controller adopts intelligent digital control instrument to provide data acquisition and control of motor speed, reaction temperature and pressure in the kettle, etc. It has the characteristics of high precision, easy operation and strong anti-interference ability.

Crystallization Reactor

Principle of Crystallization Reactor:

The crystallization reactoris a crystallization equipment that requires chilled water or refrigerant water to cool down sharply in the interlayer after the material is mixed and reacted. The key links are the size of the interlayer area, the structure of the agitator and the form of the material outlet, high-precision polishing inside the tank, and cleaning inside the tank. There is no dead angle requirement to meet the process conditions.

Crystallization Reactor Application:

Crystallization reactors are widely used in production links such as hydrolysis, neutralization, crystallization, distillation, evaporation, and storage in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and light industries.

Model of ZZKD Crystallization Reactor:

ZZKDhas been focusing on the R&D and production of glass reactors for many years. After several upgrades, the models and types of crystallization reactors have become more and more perfect, and the functions have become more and more perfect. At present, our crystallization reactors are divided into the following types: GF-10L, GF-20L, GF-30L, GF-50L, GF-100L.

  • GF-10L Crystallization Reactor

    10L Single Layer Glass Reactor

  • GF-50L Crystallization Reactor

    S-10L (10L Jacketed Glass Reactor).jpg

Features of ZZKD Crystallization Reactor:

1. It is made of imported 316L stainless steel, the inner wall is polished by electrolytic mirror, and the outer wall is made of 304 fully welded structure for heat preservation and electrolytic matte treatment.

2. A 0.2 μm hydrophobic vent filter is installed on the kettle body.

3. It can withstand high temperature sterilization at 121°C and is equipped with a hygienic pressure gauge.

4. The external connection of the tank body adopts a sanitary chuck.

5. With temperature monitoring device, 2 sight glasses, cleaning ball and nitrogen inlet.

6. The shaft seal adopts a special sanitary mechanical seal to ensure that the material is not polluted.

7. The crystallization reactorcan adopt a frequency conversion speed regulating device, and the stirring shaft speed can be adjusted in a large range.

Stainless Steel Reactor

Principle of Stainless Steel Reactor:

The stainless steel reaction kettle is designed with double-layer stainless steel. The inner layer can be put into the reaction solvent for stirring reaction, and the interlayer can pass through different cold and heat sources (refrigerated liquid, hot water or hot oil) for cyclic heating or cooling reaction. Under the condition of setting constant temperature, in the closed stainless steel reactor, the stirring reaction can be carried out under the condition of normal pressure or negative pressure according to the use requirements.

Application of Stainless Steel Reactor:

At present, it has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dyestuff, medicine, food, scientific research and other industries to complete the work process of vulcanization, nitration, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, condensation, organic dyes and intermediates.

ZZKD Stainless Steel Reactor Model:

ZZKDhas been focusing on R&D and production of stainless steel reactors for many years. After several upgrades, the models and types of stainless steel reactors have become more and more perfect, and their functions have become more and more perfect. At present, our stainless steel reactors are divided into the following types: SS-3L, SS-5L, SS-10L, SS-20L, SS-30L, SS-50L, SS-100L, SS-200L, SS-300L, SS- 500L.

SS-20L Stainless Steel Reactor

ZZKD Stainless Steel Reactor Features:

1. The stainless steel material has excellent mechanical properties, can withstand high working pressure, and can also withstand the impact of bulk solid material feeding.

2. Good heat resistance, wide working temperature range (-196~600°C). It will not oxidize and peel at higher temperatures, so it can be used for direct fire heating.

3. It has good corrosion resistance and no rust.

4. The heat transfer effect is better than that of the enamel reactor, and the heating and cooling speed is faster.

5. The stainless steel electric heating magnetic reaction kettle has good processing performance, and can be made into reaction kettles of various shapes and structures according to process requirements. The wall of the kettle can be ground and polished so that it does not hang material and is easy to clean.

Microwave Chemical Reactor

Microwave Chemical Reactor Principle:

Microwave chemical reactor uses microwave heating principle to use microwave as an energy source. When microwave interacts with material molecules, molecular polarization, orientation, friction, collision, and absorption of microwave energy will produce thermal effects. 

Microwave Chemical Reactor Applications:

Small molecule synthesis, combinatorial chemistry, medicinal chemistry, chemical engineering, materials, biology, extraction of traditional Chinese medicine, etc., help chemists conduct cutting-edge R&D research.

Model of ZZKD Microwave Chemical Reactor:

ZZKDhas been focusing on the R&D and production of microwave chemical reactors for many years. After several upgrades, the models and types of microwave chemical reactors have become more and more perfect, and their functions have become more and more perfect. At present, our microwave chemical reactors are divided into the following types: WBFY-201, WBFY-205, MCR-3.

Microwave Chemical Reactor

ZZKD Microwave Chemical Reactor Features:

1. Non-pulse microwave continuous heating

2. Microwave power frequency conversion control

3. Platinum resistance temperature control system

4. Ten levels of microwave power adjustment

5. Five-step heating program

6. Large LCD screen

7. It is also equipped with an inert gas inlet and a built-in magnetic stirrer. Stirring speed is infinitely adjustable.

Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor

Principle of Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor:

Working principle: The hydrothermal synthesis reactor uses an aqueous solution as a reaction system under certain temperature and pressure conditions, and uses a high temperature and high pressure aqueous solution to dissolve substances that are insoluble or insoluble under atmospheric conditions, or react to form dissolved products of the substance. By controlling the temperature difference of the solution to generate convection to form a supersaturated state and precipitate growth crystals.

Application of Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor:

It can be used for polymerization reaction, high-pressure digestion tank, hydrothermal reaction, pressure dissolution bomb, and digestion tank. It is a small reactor commonly used in chemical laboratories. It can be used for small-dose synthesis reactions. It can also use strong acid or strong alkali in the tank and is sealed at high temperature and high pressure. environment to achieve the purpose of rapidly digesting insoluble substances.

Model of ZZKD Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor:

ZZKDhas been focusing on the R&D and production of hydrothermal synthesis reactors for many years. After several upgrades, the models and types of hydrothermal synthesis reactors have become more and more perfect, and their functions have become more and more perfect. At present, our hydrothermal synthesis reactors are divided into the following types: KH-15, KH-25, KH-30, KH-50, KH-100, KH-200, KH-300, KH-500, KH-1000.

Hydrothermal Synthesis Autoclave Reactor

Features of ZZKD Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor:

1. Safety, from passive temperature control to active pressure control, safety is fully considered in the design;

2. Less solvent consumption and low blank value. The PTFE inner cup ensures no container adsorption, and the acid will not be volatilized and lost during the closed digestion process. It is not necessary to continue to add acid to maintain the capacity of the acid, saving reagents, reducing the interference of impurity elements brought in by reagents, and greatly reducing Analyze blank values;

3. It has high digestion efficiency and strong ability. It can digest many samples that are difficult to digest by traditional methods. It has a wide range of applications and can replace microwave digestion (some samples are not suitable for microwave digestion). It is especially suitable for large-scale sample testing, and generally insoluble samples can be dissolved within 10-30 minutes at 180°C;

4. Improve the accuracy and precision of analysis, reduce work intensity and environmental pollution. The use of a closed digestion tank avoids the loss of volatile components in the sample or during the digestion process, prevents cross-contamination of samples, and is suitable for trace and ultra-pure analysis and detection of volatile elements;

5. Low cost and easy to use. The early and late investment is very little, the operation is easy, the operator hardly needs training before use, and the maintenance is simple.

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