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Laboratory Heating and Cooling Equipment

In the biochemical industry, food industry, metallurgical industry, bioengineering, pharmaceutical industry, scientific research and other research fields, temperature control equipment is an indispensable laboratory equipment. The temperature control equipment can realize chemical reactions under different temperature conditions, and provide a constant field source with controllable cold and heat and uniform temperature for experimental research. Our temperature control equipment mainly includes two categories: refrigeration equipment and heating equipment.

Heating equipment: heating mantle, water oil bath, magnetic stirrer with hot plate, electric furnace, high temperature furnace, electric constant temperature drying oven, etc.

Refrigeration equipment: low temperature cooler circulation pump, heater chiller circulator, low temperature thermostatic water bath, ultra low temperature (ULT) freezer.

Refrigeration Equipment Selection and Process

Low Temperature Coolant Circulation Pump

Working Principle of Low Temperature Coolant Circulation Pump:

The working principle of the low temperature coolant circulation pump is to use the physical adsorption of gas on the ultra-low temperature surface to achieve the exhaust effect, which is an effective and fast way to obtain a clean vacuum.

Low Temperature Coolant Circulation Pump | Laboratory Cooling Equipment

Models of Low Temperature Coolant Circulation Pump:

Our current models of low temperature cooler circulation pump are: DLSB 5L-10℃, DLSB 5L-20℃, DLSB 5L-30℃, DLSB 5L-40℃, etc. At the same time, we can also customize according to your needs.

Application of Low Temperature Coolant Circulation Pump:

The main function is to provide low-temperature liquid for rotary evaporators and glass reactors to realize chemical reactions under low-temperature conditions, especially suitable for scenarios that require low temperature, such as chemistry, biology, food industry, metallurgical industry, scientific research, genetic engineering, and polymer engineering. .

Features of Low Temperature Coolant Circulation Pump:

1. Air-cooled fully enclosed compressor unit with reliable quality;

2. Refrigeration unit relays, protectors, capacitors, etc. are all high-quality devices, quality assurance;

3. Digital display temperature control, easy to operate and eye-catching;

4. It can be matched with a variety of instruments (rotary evaporator, fermentation tank, chemical reaction kettle, freeze drying equipment, biopharmaceutical reaction kettle, etc.);

5. Low temperature coolant circulation pump has large cooling capacity and fast cooling speed. Greatly improved work efficiency;

6. It can effectively protect the normal use of various precision equipment and instruments under the environment of lack of water source, poor water quality, water pressure, and water temperature, and high temperature working conditions;

7. The flow rate of low temperature coolant circulation pump can be adjusted or customized, which can meet the actual needs of different users;

8. All models of low temperature coolant circulation pumps can be adjusted between low temperature and cooling capacity, low temperature and capacity according to user requirements.

Low Temperature Coolant Circulation Pump Advantages | Laboratory Cooling Equipment

Heater Chiller Circulator

The Working Principle of Heater Chiller Circulator:

The heater chiller circulator adopts the PID temperature control algorithm, uses a single heat exchange medium to control the reaction temperature of the reactor, and uses a fully enclosed pipeline to reduce the switching process of the reaction medium, which reduces the degree of oxidation of the heat transfer medium and prolongs the life of the heat transfer medium. service life.

Heater Chiller Circulator | Laboratory Cooling Equipment

Model of Heater Chiller Circulator:

Currently, our heater chiller circulator models are: GDX-5/10, GDX-5/30, GDX-10/30, GDX-20/30, GDX-30/30, GDX-50/80, GDX-100/ 60, and we can also customize according to your needs.

Application of Heater Chiller Circulator:

It can provide an environment with controllable heat and cold and constant temperature. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electronic equipment, physics, chemistry, bioengineering, medicine and health, life science, light industry food, physical performance testing and chemical analysis research departments, colleges and universities Schools, enterprise quality inspection and production departments.

Heater Chiller Circulator Features:

(1) Equipped with a heating and cooling integrated container, the heat exchange area is large, the heating and cooling speed is fast, and the demand for heat transfer oil is relatively small.

(2) It can realize continuous heating and cooling, adopts the technology of operating the compressor under high temperature and high pressure, and can directly turn on the compressor for refrigeration from 199 degrees, greatly improving the cooling rate and saving test time and energy.

(3) The whole cycle is airtight, no oil mist volatilizes at high temperature, and the heat transfer oil is not easy to be oxidized and browned; it is not easy to absorb water vapor in the air at low temperature; the service life of the heat transfer oil is extended.

(4) This equipment has various safety guarantee functions such as self-diagnosis function, refrigerator overload protection, high-pressure pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection high-voltage protection device of circulation system during high-temperature heating, etc., to fully guarantee the safety of use;

(5) Wide working temperature range, with heating and cooling functions at the same time, the maximum temperature range: -9~199℃

(6) Use heat-conducting medium for dynamic temperature control of fluid cooling and heating, used in high-precision industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemical semiconductors, and equipment to help customers complete process temperature control, supporting biochemical test equipment such as reaction kettles, distillation, evaporators, and rotary evaporators , to control the cooling and heating of the heat transfer medium or the reaction material.

(7) Long-term operation will cause fouling on the surface of the condenser that isolates the explosion-proof heater chiller circulator, thereby interfering with normal operation. In order to make it work inefficiently or be easily damaged, etc., it needs to be cleaned regularly.

(8) If you want to clean the equipment, you must disassemble it first, because the parts to be cleaned are not easy to see inside the collector. The various components of the refrigeration unit cross each other, and the pipelines are complicated and difficult to disassemble, which is an understanding of the entire structure.

(9) After the connection between the cleaning device and the condenser is disassembled in the previous step, find the direction of the water inlet of the condenser and connect it to the water inlet or water outlet of the water pump, and then use tools to heat the pipe.

(10) According to the working principle that the electric heater evenly distributed at the bottom of the reactor jacket heats the heat transfer oil in the jacket, and then transfers heat through the oil, so that the material in the reactor reaches the temperature required by the process.

(11) If it is necessary to react at a higher temperature and avoid a high-pressure heating system, other media can be used instead of water heating and steam heating to achieve the effect, and different temperature needs can be selected. Heating medium.

Low Temperature Thermostatic Water Bath

Working Principle of Low Temperature Thermostatic Water Bath:

The low temperature thermostatic water bath controls the temperature of the circulating water through the thermal cycle controller to achieve the purpose of low temperature and constant temperature. If the set temperature is high (or low), the entire tank should be kept warm to reduce the heat transfer rate and improve the constant temperature accuracy. The stirrer is driven by a small electric motor, and the stirring speed is adjusted by a transmission or a transformer.

Low Temperature Thermostatic Water Bath for Sale | Laboratory Cooling Equipment

Low Temperature Thermostatic Water Bath Model:

Currently, our low temperature thermostatic water bath models are: DFY-5/20, DFY-10/20, DFY-20/40, DFY-50/60, DFY-80/40, DFY-100/80, and we It can also be customized according to your needs.

Application of Low Temperature Thermostatic Water Bath:

It is suitable for low temperature experiments in scientific research, biology, physics, medicine, chemical industry and other departments. It can replace dry ice and liquid nitrogen for low temperature reaction and provide low temperature conditions for related equipment; provide constant temperature experimental field source for petroleum, material, biological and food industry applications; low temperature cooling and temperature for electrophoresis instrument, viscometer, medical cold cap and cooling blanket Control; cryogenic cooling and temperature control for electron microscopes, molecular pumps, ion pumps, diffusion pumps, and microwave therapy machines.

Low Temperature Thermostatic Water Bath Features:

1. The components that may be in contact with the working medium, such as the liquid tank liner, top plate, electric heater and evaporator, are made of stainless steel.

2. The controller of the intelligent digital display can simultaneously display the temperature setting value and actual value, as well as the over-temperature alarm value.

3. Closed circulation: The circulation management is completely closed, without oil mist and water absorption, which ensures the safety of the experiment and the life of the thermal fluid.

4. Protection device: It has self-diagnosis function; refrigerator overload protection; high-voltage pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device and other safety protection functions. The refrigeration system has multiple protection devices for time delay, overheating and overcurrent. All are imported original high-quality components to ensure reliability and service life.

5. Equipped with imported high-pressure pump: the pipe size is longer, which can smoothly carry out long-distance circulation, cooling or constant temperature external experimental container or establish a second constant temperature field.

6. High-density corrosion-resistant materials: the key interfaces of circulating pumps, cooling coils, outlets, and return ports that can circulate pure water are all made of stainless steel (SUS304).

Low Temperature Thermostatic Water Bath Advantages | Laboratory Cooling Equipment

Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Freezer

Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Freezer working principle:

Generally, two-stage refrigeration is used. When the temperature displayed on the panel is higher than the set temperature, the first-stage compressor starts the refrigeration system first, so that the temperature of the refrigerant in the second stage drops. After a few minutes of delay, the second-stage refrigeration system also starts to work. Its evaporator on the inner wall of the refrigerator lowers the internal temperature of the refrigerator, and all the heat released by its condenser is absorbed by the evaporator of the first-stage refrigeration system. The heat released by the condenser is dispersed into the air. When the internal temperature of the ultra low temperature (ULT) freezer reaches the set temperature, the resistance of the temperature sensor will transmit the information, the control relay will be de-energized and disconnected, and the two-stage refrigeration system will stop working. When the temperature in the refrigerator rises again and exceeds the set temperature, the refrigerator repeats the above operation process again, so that the temperature in the refrigerator is always maintained at about the set temperature.

Ultra Low Temperature Freezer | Laboratory Cooling Equipment

Models of Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Freezer:

Ultra low temperature (ULT) freezer generally has two types of cabinets: horizontal and vertical, and we can also customize according to your needs.

Application of Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Freezer:

It can be used to preserve viruses, germs, red blood cells, white blood cells, skin, bones, bacteria, semen, biological products, ocean-going products, low-temperature tests of electronic devices, etc.; it is widely used in scientific research institutions, ultra-low temperature experiments of special materials, electronics industry, chemical industry, Military industry, university experiments, bioengineering, pelagic fisheries, etc.

Features of Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Freezer:

High-precision computer temperature control system, platinum resistance temperature sensor.

The temperature inside the box can be set freely within the range of -10°C~-86°C.

Digital temperature display, the operating status is clear at a glance.

Perfect sound and light alarm system (high temperature, low temperature, low battery, door opening, filter blockage, system failure) to ensure the safe storage of items in the box.

Door self-locking handle, easy to open (vertical).

Safety door lock design to prevent random opening.

Adjustable shelf structure for easy storage of items (vertical).

The inner and outer double-layer door design (vertical type), the outer door plus the inner heat insulation cover design of the box (horizontal type), lock the air-conditioning, and the heat preservation effect is good.

Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Advantages | Laboratory Cooling Equipment

Heating Equipment Selection and Process

Heating Mantle

Working Principle of Heating Mantle:

The heating mantle is composed of a hemispherical heating made of alkali-free glass fiber and metal heating wire: an inner sleeve and a control circuit, and is mostly used for precise temperature-controlled heating of glass containers.

Heating Mantle | Laboratory Heating Equipment

Model of Heating Mantle:

At present, our heating mantle models are: ZKCL-2L, ZKCL-5L, ZKCL-20L, ZNCL-2L, ZNCL-5L, ZNCL-20L, and we can also customize according to your needs.

Application of Heating Mantle:

It is suitable for liquid heating in laboratories of colleges and universities, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, environmental protection and other industries. In addition, the heater has the advantages of large heating, fast heating, no open flame, uniform heating, light weight, safety and power saving, and is not easy to damage glassware. Therefore, this product is an ideal heating equipment for various laboratories, laboratories, and analysis.

Features of Heating Mantle:

(1) The shell of the heating mantle is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is sprayed and anti-corrosion treated.

(2) Nickel-chromium alloy heating wire, the temperature rises rapidly and the service life is extremely long.

(3) Precise temperature control method to meet the requirements of high-precision experiments.

(4) Simple operation, wide application; heating and magnetic stirring can be carried out at the same time, and has a stepless adjustable function.

(5) The heating mantle has a large heating area and good heat preservation effect. It is the most ideal heating equipment for laboratories and fine chemical units.

(6) Use electronic temperature adjustment heating, magnetic stirring, and uniform temperature.

(7) It has an electric contact thermometer connection socket, which can accurately control the temperature to plus or minus 0.1 degrees to achieve a higher constant temperature stirring function.

(8) The magnetic stirring heating mantle also has a two-way stirring function, so that the rapid stirring can achieve the purpose of rapid mixing.

(9) The magnetic stirring heating mantle works reliably, is easy to operate, and has a reasonable structure. The heating power is continuously adjustable, and the heating power display is intuitive. It is convenient to observe and control the heating state. The stirring speed is continuously adjustable to meet different work needs. It is easy to carry and is an ideal equipment for the laboratory.

Heating Mantle Advantages | Laboratory Heating Equipment

Water Oil Bath

Water Oil Bath Working Principle:

The water oil bath heats the oil in the pot through the heating tube, and converts the temperature of the oil into a variable power parameter through the temperature sensor. The size of the power parameter reflects the oil temperature, and then the temperature value is Compared with the set value, the pressure difference between the two is amplified by the operational amplifier to drive the actuator (relay or thyristor connected to the heating tube) to work or not, thus stabilizing the temperature at the set temperature.

Water Oil Bath | Laboratory Heating Equipment

Model of Water Oil Bath:

At present, our water oil bath models are: GYY-5L, GYY-10L, GYY-20L, GYY-30L, GYY-50L, GYY-80L, GYY-100L, and we can also customize according to your needs.

Application of Water Oil Bath:

Widely used in the fields of biology, medicine, food chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, etc., to provide users with high-precision, uniform temperature constant field source, it is an ideal constant temperature for research institutes, colleges and universities, chemical plants, laboratories, quality inspection departments groove.

Water Oil Bath Features:

1. The circulating pump is used in all stainless steel high temperature shielded pumps, with stable performance and reliable quality.

2. Digital display temperature control, easy to operate and eye-catching.

3. The digital display adopts P.I.D control, which has the advantages of precise temperature control and small temperature shock.

4. The circulation system is made of stainless steel and copper, which has the characteristics of anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

5. Adopt solid state relay control circuit, no contact, no open flame, increase life.

Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate

Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate Working Principle:

The magnetic stirrer with hot plate utilizes the same-sex repulsion property of magnetic substances, and drives the magnetic stirrer to rotate by continuously changing the polarity of the two ends of the base. When the magnetic stirrer with hot plate generates a magnetic field, it drives the stirrer to move circularly, thereby achieving The purpose of stirring liquids.

Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate | Laboratory Heating Equipment

Models of Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate:

Magnetic stirrer with hot plate Our current models are: 85-1, SZCL-2, DCG-C, HJ-6, ABH-500, ABH-1000, ABH-2000, and we can also customize according to your needs.

Application of Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate:

The magnetic stirrer with hot plate is widely used, mainly in medicine, bioengineering, chemistry, medicine, food and other research fields. It is a conventional instrument for stirring and mixing various reagents, solutions, and chemical substances in biological laboratories.

Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate Features:

1. It is heated by an aluminum Teflon pot, which can be water bath or oil bath. the

2. Fuzzy PID control algorithm is used for temperature control, double-screen digital display, self-tuning function, and high measurement accuracy. the

3. It can heat and stir the 50-5000ml standard or non-standard reaction bottle. the

4. It adopts German PAPST series DC brushless motor, which has stable performance, low noise, long life and no sparks. the

5. The shell adopts a one-time flame-retardant reinforced PBT injection molded shell, which is resistant to high temperature, anti-corrosion, and has good insulation performance. the

6. The 30° inclined control panel is suitable for sitting and standing viewing angles. the

7. Stepless speed regulation, stable at low speed and powerful at high speed. the

8. Digital speed display function. the

Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate Advantages | Laboratory Heating Equipment

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